Every day that I wake up, I thank God for the privilege of being an Inspired Sistah.  I’m still amused at the fact that He would choose a “round-the-way-girl” from L.A. to be a source of hope and inspiration to women all over the world.  Who knew?!  That being said, because of the heavy mantle of responsibility that has been placed on me, I, like others, sometimes get a little weary, discouraged, frustrated, disappointed, etcetera and so forth.  But what keeps me going is the fact that I understand that I have called for such a time as this, and my obedience gives birth to the obedience of others.  My entire life has been designed to be a source of hope, encouragement and inspiration to anyone who feels like giving up.

It is with that same conviction that I’m hosting the Pathway to Purpose Retreat.  Although the task is great and I haven’t been coasting down easy street, I understand that this event is so much bigger than I am.  So many wonderful things are going to take place in the lives of the attendees on an individual basis as well as a collective group of positive and motivated sistahs.  I comfort myself in that fact when I just feel like running off to a remote island somewhere.  LOL! This event is needed for this season.  It’s not for everyone, but it is for some and those that treat themselves will leave with way more than they anticipated.  That excites me. That drives me and that keeps me focused on the finish.

Will you be a part of this life-changing experience?  If so, I’ll see you soon!

Many blessings!